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Writer without spectacles

Writer without spectacles

Please, don’t get me wrong: this is not a note to add to the established image of a writer. This is a short blog post written by a writer without spectacles.

Spectacles and hat – the main attributes for the sacred ritual of writing through writer’s block (for those who believe such thing exists), and I am sure it does especially in the first years of writing. In some way, I can assure I saw it like one sees a shadow on the dimly lit street in midnight on Halloween. Could be just a vision and yet, what if it was real?!

Another combo to add to the attributes is a cup of steaming drink and a cheap tobacco cigar. Maybe a typewriter.

Well, from all the possible attributes I have only fake pair of spectacles, hat, and a cup of steaming coffee at my side. And this should be more than enough to pull me through the muddy feeling of writer’s block.

Again, don’t get me wrong: this is not an attempt to talk about writer’s block, even though this post circulates around the subject. This is me – writer without spectacles, talking.

How long does it take to write a book?

I know the answer that terrifies and at the same time somehow assures me: 

it takes a whole life to write a book, even if it is fifteen books in a row.

The prospect of writing a book my entire life does not really feel like a win to me, but now, after nine years of writing in foreign language, failing 19 written in frenzy and with childish shaking hand books, and accidently having written a hundred of pieces of poetry and poems, I can see the bright side in all ‘a whole life to write a book’ thing.

Because I still have my life to write my book.

Why writer without spectacles?

Interesting fact: spectacles help me to write better. I have a pair of fake spectacles in my drawer for the times when my thoughts get stuck and I still need to produce a few pages of something decent. In the hardest times, I add a hat.

Sometimes, I dress up in a man and write under cloud of genderless F J Haddley identity.

And since I don’t need spectacles in my daily life, I have a private joke that is humourless and stupid: I call myself a writer without spectacles.

Everyone has their own way of producing thousands and thousands of words weekly and managing their stories on the plain white sheets of digital documents. Whether it be a fake pair of spectacles or a cup of coffee or a cheap tobacco cigar or exercising on a typewriter. And my mentioning of writer’s block in this senseless blog post today is not an accident. Maybe in this you can see short way out of your writing predicament.

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