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Four FLAGS for a productive Reader

Four FLAGS for a productive Reader

Those who have a natural attraction to reading, are indeed lucky! But not all of us, lucky bookworms, are being productive in our reading. Quite often, this very attraction turns us into blind puppies that can easily consume book after book and yet struggle to form a good understanding of what those books are about.

When time to leave a comment on the book comes, unproductive reader tends to skip it.

What being a productive reader means?

First of all, it means a consistent reading. Of course! But it also means paying attention and being present, while holding a book in your hands. I know on the personal experience, how alluring idea to just dive in a book and eat it like a creamy slice of cake with one bite is. I’ve been there, I’ve done that. BUT… It’s like one-night stand—not romantic, not safe and not practical.

Productive reader is also able to process the read material in a way that helps the knowledge in a particular subject to expand.

Now, I have four main FLAGS for you to follow. These flags help me to stay in shape as a reader and control my unsuitable bookworm’s appetite for reading, in check. I’m sure some (if not all) will work for you as well.

Make Notes

Making notes can be especially useful in reading a non-fiction. Gather some key words that will serve as an orientation for you to recall the most important chunks of information later. The only thing here to remember is, don’t just mindlessly copy write the sentences from the book. Try your own language to pinpoint the main ideas, after all, copy writing is not practical and severely boring!

Write essay

Writing short essay is a great way to propel your thinking gears and therefore, broaden your understanding of the read material. This will help you to connect your opinion with one of the author and maybe even open some new concepts for yourself.

But writing essay is not the only way to think on paper. For fiction, you can write a review or dedicate a page in your journal.

Find accomplice

Thankfully, it’s not a problem these days. Tweet about the book you’re currently reading and you’ll surely find someone who has either already read it, or is reading now, or plans to read it soon. You can have a lovely discussion that will increase your status as a productive reader a notch or two.

Make conscious choice

I agree, we read for fun, sometimes picking up books with alluring covers, itching to know what is there for us behind it. But please, be conscious in your choice. There are millions of great books (I would say any book is great in its own way), but even the most experienced and enthusiastic bookworms would not be able to read them all.

As they say, some books are meant for you, and your job is to find which ones exactly. Don’t rush after quantity. After all, it’s not about how many books you’ve read, but what you’ve learned from those you had.

These four simple to follow FLAGS will garantee your productivity as a reader and help to take away the very gold from any book you read. 

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Tom Oct 16, 2019

Books introduced me to the world of heroes who at once became my role models and taught me everything I know today :)


Franka Oct 16, 2019

@Tom, this is truly good to know. Thanks for your comment :) I appreciate it a lot!


Rizaan Oct 16, 2019

I would like to read the new testament and the quran.


Franka Oct 16, 2019

@Rizaan, Thanks for the comment. I hope, you found something useful for yourself here. And good luck :)

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