Services I provide

As a Translator:

  1. As a (Russian/English – English/Russian) translator, I offer high quality translation for websites, articles, commercial brochures, Instagram and any other social media pages, emails and (occasionally) books.
  2. I also specialize in subtitle translation, text typing for both English and Russian languages, and synchronous translation.
  3. Additionally, I work as a personal translator, helping to communicate with clients speaking foreign language.
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As a Writer:

  1. I write motivation / psychology / philosophy / fashion/women’s health / social / creativity oriented articles for websites and/or social media pages.
  2. I also do proofreading and editing for text materials.
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As a Language Tutor:

  1. I teach Russian and English languages via Skype / social media / voice mailing / emails.
  2. I help to improve separate grammar / pronunciation / accent and etc. complications in learning Russian or English.
  3. I also assist in self-learning Russian and English languages, which tends to be cheaper than full tutoring.
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If you’re interested in any of the services I provide, please, feel free to fill the form below or send a direct message on my email address or on any social media you find convenient.

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