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‘Quiet Vaults’ – working title of a DEATH-less world

‘Quiet Vaults’ – working title of a DEATH-less world

Okay, my current WIP is not about a world where Death does not exist. What a senseless world it would be where no one dies, right? But the story is close on the tail of ‘what if there was someone who would be able to defeat Death for good and maybe, if lucky enough, to bring all the dead back to life? Would not it be fun to have dead risen from their graves and turned back to their homes and families?

Mmm, and while you're trying to imagine it, here is my little poem inspired by this 'possible' world.

Don’t call it angel – it has no wings,

It comes and goes as autumn winds.

Don’t call it monster – it has no teeth,

It makes no sounds, it never sleeps.

Don’t fear to face it – it has no face,

It’s a shapeless figure that wanders streets. 

Don’t ask forgiveness – it has no heart,

Its name is Death and it is Quiet.

In different cultures, Death is described differently. Some believe it to be a spirit that comes to the deathbed of our loved ones and takes their exhausted souls to a better world. Dying, as they believe, is not the end but rather a beginning, and therefore in those cultures, death is celebrated.

For others, Death is rather a synonym of Evil that sooner or later comes after all of us, and therefore, death as a figure of Evil is deeply feared. In order to ward Death off, it was very popular (in some places, it still is), to adorn porches with different occult things like little skulls of children or necklaces from the bones or teeth or other remains of dead.

However, let’s not forget about science that also has its view in the matter. Here, Death is not viewed as a figure of some supernatural character anymore but rather a disease, or a process that is undenaible part of all living objects and therefore, it can be put off for some time.

But there are also ‘insane’ scientific minds that strive to not only put off time of death, but to defeat it once and for all. Their view of Death is a hybrid version of all the beliefs that exist in the world and their goals are higher than any of those that are ethically accepted. The owners of  these ‘insane’ scientific minds are called THEY.

THEY, who have their own history.

THEY, who never stop.

THEY, who will risk the existence of the whole town (and even world) if needed.

THEY, who have been living QUIET in the Quiet Vaults.

And this ‘insane’ idea to defeat the Death is the main ground on which my current WIP is build. Of course, it’s not only about THEM, but about teenage dramas, family secrets, tragic coincidences, and terrifying truths of the past as well. It’s about unethical science that is mixed with supernatural manifestation of different kind.

GRAVES ARE ROBBED AND DEAD ARE BACK! And Quiet Vaults will never be QUIET again!

Matt G

Matt G Oct 28, 2019

The differing ideologies about death across cultures is truly fascinating! I like the belief of the Narragansett Tribe of Native Americans that the dead could continue to pass between the border of the living and the dead and communicate to bring needed info or warnings to the living.
As you know, I love your poem. It is extremely vivid and breathes on its own!


Franka Oct 28, 2019

@Matt G, thanks! Yeap, tribes of canniballs used skull of eaten children to ward off death and other evil spirits. They believed death came with the wind at night. Small skulls started stirring and making a tiny noise that was unbearable for evil and Death. Boo!

Matt Greenwell

Matt Greenwell Nov 15, 2019

Trying to scare me with your "Boo!" As you know, it didn't work :)


Franka Nov 21, 2019

@Matt Greenwell, of course it did! My Boo was terrifying!


Nitin Feb 6, 2020

We believe that death is salvation


Franka Feb 8, 2020

@Nitin, can be!

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