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Quiet Vaults - is it my Imagination? Or What?

Quiet Vaults - is it my Imagination? Or What?

When I started writing QV, which is my debut novel, I had this vague and at the same time clear picture of what the story was about.

It was about Death. Love. Unethical (in some way) Science. Friendship. Hopes. Dreams. Secrets. Family Dramas. Human spirit. Mysteries. It was all about world that existed on the bones of another world. 

The motto – what dead is dead, was not working anymore in that new world on the pages on my book.

But you know how it is with stories. They come in dozens. Some leave without even as much as a hi, some stay. This one came as a storm, out of nowhere it shook the clear sky above my head. I grabbed it without thinking. I was sure I could see the story as clear as I never saw any story before. But what a tricky thing. It grew silent as I finished my first draft. I thought, wow, such a moody thing. I started editing.

And then, this happened.

I realized a true purpose of this story. It did not come to me because I was a great writer. It did not come to me because I knew something, others did not. It did not come to me because unlike that other writer from Arizona, I was free. It came to me because I was in desperate need for a lesson.

Lesson about Death.

My latest three Poems:

She bloomed like plague in early 19’th century…

You were a ghost who never uttered…

and my favorite:

Death of a Poet…

were all inspired by this new side I saw in my own 'not even yet edited' work. I thought it was a story to just be. But I guess, it is a story for me to just learn.

I know, some people dream about immortality. Dream about world where we don’t have to lose people we love anymore. But what is human without death? I think I might have an answer to this in my story, that hopefully will be out this year.

To all the writers writing their debut novels, HELLO and my best wishes. And thanks to all of you for taking your time and reading my blog. It means an ocean lot to me. If you would like to support me, please, hit the like button and/or tell about your writing experience in the comment section below.

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