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World is a mirror. Should I keep silently looking into it?

World is a mirror. Should I keep silently looking into it?

There is no single definition of what the world we all live in truly is about? Is it about love or is it about hate because the existence of both cannot be denied.

On one side of the road can be seen a magnificent blooming of wild cherries and on the other, the moldy reality of weed and putridity.

But there is this wise old saying that has been always working the same for all of us:

The world we see is the reflection of ourselves and the reflection we see is the continuation of who we are.

Mirror of people’s insecurities

Doubts – slippery worms that inhabit people’s minds, those hungry evil things that have killed too many dreams and had stopped too many people from living the life they always dreamed of.

It is a disease, a contagious one that is passed on by small, deprived of peace and hope minds, by the unhappiest people in the world. And though there is no pill to cure the disease, I believe there is still something we can do about it.

I wish we could be an empowerment of some kind for each other. I know a lot of people wish the same. But in order for this to happen we have to finally look squarely into our own insecurities that we keep projecting into the world, onto other people, calling it a ‘constructive’ criticism, an advice, a truth after all.

Let me tell you something, your advice is nothing if it was not asked for. Your truth is just that – your truth, and in no way does it mean that it should be the universal thing for everyone. ‘Constructive’ criticism?? You have never been in my shoes, so do me a favor, look at your own life and tell me how perfect it is.

For past two months I received a tons of unsolicited opinions, advices, and ‘constructive’ criticism from people, but none of those people, let me tell you, were perfect themselves. Some were self-absorbed that could not see farther their own short noses. Some did not move a finger to bring some positive changes in their own lives but were super eager to share what they thought were wrong with mine. Some were trying to manipulate me and when it did not work they started stomping their feet, complaining what a bad, two-faced person I truly was simply because I refused to comply to their trickery. There were even people who dared to spit on 10 years of the bloody work I put in becoming a translator and an English-speaking writer…

But here is the most upsetting part about it – somehow I let the nonsense, the criticism that had actually nothing to do with me but was just the ugliest manifestation of the insecurities of those people, affect my mood, my attitude, and depower me mentally.

And so rose the question, what should I do about it?

Should I stand up for myself by pointing out the wrongs of those people’s words and actions towards me? Or should I keep silently moving on with my life?

I know many people face the same dilemma once being demonized or verbally abused like this.

We know that we can choose to pay these people back in the same coin but would not it make us the same like them? We also know that we can choose to silently go away but would not be an encouragement of some kind to their behavior?

As responsible adults who wish to live in a different better world, we understand that these two options are two opposite extremes. But…

What else can we do?

The world we see is the reflection of ourselves and the reflection we see is the continuation of who we are.

I kept coming to this wise old saying over and over again, probing the membrane of these vibrant set of words that I knew had the answer to one of the most important questions I had. It took courage and it took a genuine desire to finally see this answer.

There will always be people and their insecurities around us. But as it says: the world we see is the reflection of ourselves and the reflection we see is the continuation of who we are. Insecurities of other people, their toxicity, and negativity of their minds will be dangerous for us until we uproot our own silent insecurities.

Only when we finally start truly believing  in ourselves and in the work we do on this planet, in dreams and abilities we have; only when we become whole ourselves, when we cure our mind and soul off the insecurities that has been imposed on us by other people, by people that do not even care about us, our lives, and our dreams, only then will we be truly invincible and only then will we be living our truest lives.

I know, it might be painful to see into the mirror of people’s insecurities to only see there glimpses of our own, but this is how we learn and grow and become better versions of ourselves.

We can always and forever hate the people that made us feel this way, that told us things that gave a crack to our very cores, that derailed us by word or action from our paths but it will only mean one thing: that we gave up on ourselves, on things we believed in, on dreams we had, even on life we wanted to live.

Or we can rise above the insecurities of other people, believe in ourselves as no one in the world and keep working even faster towards our dreams.

The world we see is the reflection of ourselves and the reflection we see is the continuation of who we are.

Let’s not be judges of the wrongs and insecurities of other people and instead become the source of power for ourselves. Because only when we start truly believing in ourselves and valuing ourselves, will we be invincible and righteously happy.

What are the insecurities that can derail you from your path? If you do not know, search them in the most painful words that you heard or keep hearing from people. What words make you the most uncomfortable and discouraged? It is exactly in those words are hidden your insecurities that I hope you will have the courage to uproot in 2021 and make your life truly yours.

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Sara Elizabeth

Sara Elizabeth Jan 14, 2021

What a great post & wonderful reminder to intentionally protect ourselves from projection. I dealt with a similar person (someone I looked up to) and it was hard to grasp that they were actually bad for my mental health. Wishing you all the confidence <3


Franka Jan 14, 2021

@Sara Elizabeth, thank you for all the kind words and for sharing a bit of your experience here! Means a lot! Wish the sun above you shine always brightly!


Del Jan 16, 2021

Franka — this is awesome-
Especially the portion-

The world we see is the reflection of ourselves and the reflection we see is the continuation of who we are.

Love it


Franka Jan 16, 2021

@Del, thank you! So happy to know you liked it! ^_^

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