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Here Is Your Load Of Imperfections. Find Your Strength In It!

Here Is Your Load Of Imperfections. Find Your Strength In It!

If there was a conversation before the life on earth was created, I would imagine it be like that.

Nothing is perfect.


Beauty has become a target for wars of objective opinions.

The lenses through which we look at the world got blurry by marketing tricks, fashion trends and other social media propaganda.

Yet, more and more people learn to see uniqueness within imperfections and though slowly we seem to be opening our hearts to the different beauty of appearances, there are other aspects of life that seem to get all the extra weight from that.

When the path of self-fulfillment gets slippery

What is life for if not for the fulfilment of one’s hopes and ambitions.

However, so many aspirations and gifts have been crippled by the blind striving for perfection.

So many opportunities missed.

So many voices are hushed.

And all because of the mythical dragon called perfection.

Where self-fulfillment really comes from?

You might be quite surprised to know that self-fulfillment as such comes from overcoming imperfections by learning and accepting them.

Imperfection is the power source; it is the place where the deepest wisdom of life can be discovered and adopted for the better life.

Each imperfection, anything that does not feel harmonic in your eyes, is an open and empty canal going through the center of your existence.

Each of these canals can potentially be the energy source that is so vital for the health of your being but as long as those canals stay empty and unaccepted by its owner, all they do is draining your energy and weakening your power to bring positive changes in your life.

It stops you from doing the best things for yourself and your life.

Giving the energy to hate and disdain your imperfections is the road to the land of poisoning ‘not enough’ syndrome.

It is life when nothing good is allowed to happen.


You are afraid to show yourself to the world.

You are afraid to express yourself to the world.

You are simply forbidding yourself to enjoy life because you are intoxicated with the hate and unacceptance of your imperfections.

This stops you from learning new skills, growing personally and professionally, discovering new opportunities, connecting with people, befriending other people, and building strong relationships.

But there is a way out of it.

How to discover the power of being imperfect?

All it takes is a bit of dedication and imagination to get through the tough grasp you have placed on the throat of your imperfections.

You can do it, I promise!

Learn your imperfections


All you need is a sheet of paper, pen and a bit of courage to bring your imperfections into the physical world.

Write down everything that you struggle to accept about yourself.

It can be anything; the way you look, they way you talk, the way you walk -  anything!

Write the worst scenario for each of your imperfections

This is a fun part.

Take each of the imperfections that you have written down and create a short (absurd) scenario for it.

For example:

Imperfection: Each time I get nervous (which happens all the time I have to talk to other people) I start stammering and forget words.

The worst scenario: I have been assigned to give a public speech in front of five thousand people. I get up on the stage. Five thousand pair of eyes simultaneously shot at me. I open my mouth and instead of the ‘hello, my name is…’ I start croaking.

People start laughing and showing finger at me. Shame hits me in the chest and I forget how to breathe. My heart leaps and I die.

Right there, in front of the eyes of five thousand people.

Whew! I think it is the worst and the most absurd scenario ever written.

The purpose of this exercise is to understand the real size of your imperfection.

It is also to understand how pathetic and funny your fear about showing your imperfection to the world really is.

Your imperfections tend to look bigger in your eyes than in the eyes of others.

Accept your imperfections for what they are.

Imperfections are part of you:

just like a hand part of your body, imperfections are part of your uniqueness.

Now, when you have named and given a scenario to your imperfections which as it tends to be, are also your insecurities you need to learn to accept them.

Look at the scenario you have written for your imperfection.

If you were perfect, what this scenario would look like.

If I was not stammering and fired out all the right words in front of the huge audience and then disappeared off the stage would they even notice that I was there?


But it is very probably that my stammering adds more liveliness to my speech and helps people around me feel more comfortable.

Little people feel comfortable next to a machine like perfection! (you cannot see it, but I am giving you a wink of support here).

Reach out to your imperfections like a hand of a mother reaches out for her child, with love and understanding, with care and appreciation.

Good news is that more and more people come to the understanding of how perfect their imperfections really are.

Only by accepting your imperfections you can become a perfect version of yourself and find the road to the self-fulfillment in your life.

And though the mountain of imperfections may seem unconquerable and scary, with these simple steps, you will find your way to the top.

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