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Here are Some Answers that You Need to Hear!

Here are Some Answers that You Need to Hear!

In Daoism, life is presented as a road which we have to follow. Sounds reasonable and kind of easy, does not it? But the older I get, the less visible this road of life appears to me.

It has been a week since I wrote anything here, and that week was spent in a figurative bush of wondering, what the hell I’m doing here? How did I get here? And the most important, how do I get back on that road and keep going?

Answering those questions turned out both easy and hard. At one hand, I knew the answers but on the other I knew them only in theory which was not very helpful at all.

So, I threw a lazy party and spent three days straight in my bed watching The Chronicles of Narnia, Harry Potter, The Hobbit, and silent movies with Charlie Chaplin. I also finished reading The Girl with Ghost Eyes: The Daoshi Chronicles by M.H. Boroson and started The Stars of Everywhere by my dear twitter friend Kevin C Glenn.

Today is Monday and I finally felt like leaving the bed again. But the questions remain: how to find my pace on this road of life and how to learn to keep my eyes straight and my heart unwavering while walking it?

And though I have not found a practical solution for myself yet, I did ask some people who have lived at least three lives of mine and that accomplished a lot and found their ultimate satisfaction in life, how do they do that?

Here are three answers that I feel are needed to be heard by you, my dear readers. For, even though we all have different goals and visions on this road of life, we have similar challenge of remaining on that very road for the sake of achieving those very goals and visions.

Answers that might help us to ask the right questions

‘It’s all about finding your place and people with the same values and goals.’

The most interesting thing is that most of us know or have already heard this. But if you really think about it, do the people around you have the same values and goals?

For me, most of the people around me are the people that just happen to be here. And though I am still lucky to have a few truly same-minded friends and family members on my side, most of the people that surround me are not really on the same line as myself.

It does not make them bad or anything, it is just that being among people with different world views, goals, and values derails both sides from this road of life and quite often this relationship ends in a personal and spiritual fail.

My new motto in life is

alone – we are just a drop in the ocean, but together we are waves that make the ocean move.

It is so easy to get lost when you are alone, but when you are with your people, team, and just same-minded individuals, even getting lost can turn into a new road of life for all of you.

‘Have the courage to understand that you are not a product of someone else’s expectations, and live accordingly.’

It is quite a challenge, I must say, to ignore people’s expectation of you. But I also realized that on my road of life, people’s expectations of me are the holes over which I trip and fall all the time and that if I want to find my pace and keep steadily moving forward I have to work towards removing those holes.

After all, we are the ones to live the fruits of our actions and choices in life, and so no one and nothing but ourselves should decide what actions and choices we make.

‘Do not be troubled by future too much, for life is a short moment.’

I do not think I have to say much about this answer I received from one of the most shinny people I have ever met in my life, because the concept of time we have is like a polyhedron for our perception: so many sides and angles.

But the biggest conclusion I came to for this past week of my creative and personal crisis is that life is way shorter than our plans about it. So, maybe, it is time to follow Lao Tzu’s idea about life which is:

life is not to solve but to live.

I guess this is the only concept we all need to live a simple but full life.

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