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Why Those Who Want To Kill Your Dream Should Not Apologize

Why Those Who Want To Kill Your Dream Should Not Apologize

Mad world—what are you doing to the creative minds that are your only salvation?

What, not dramatic enough?

I think this conversation is not going to be easy for both of us but we have to talk about it anyway.

No matter how passionate or confident you are about your dream, there come the times when things just don’t work out the way you expected. Those times leave you vulnerable and unprotected in front of the hungry, never satisfied cockroaches sneaking here and there.

They are the kind of people who do not tolerate big dreamers. They are the kind of people, mom taught you to avoid.

But when you are emotionally unprotected, you cannot escape them.

When you are emotionally unprotected, they will find you even on the Moon.

Cockroaches in your house

Watch out!

A few years ago, I accidently let a few cockroaches to sneak in my house. And the only reason I let those cockroaches in was because they were hundred times bigger than regular, and looked like humans.

I have been overly nice and friendly. Those cockroaches had a dream which made me immediately fall in love with them.

I love dreams, and especially I love big dreamers.

Of course, due to my nature, I started milking my mind on how could I help them with their dream. They immediately found a use for me.

I became their personal puppy to accompany, create creative solutions for ordinary tasks and be someone who would support and believe in them.

I was happy to be doing that.

But the problem was, I also had a dream of my own which I was really protective of. When they knew I had a dream they started trying to know what it was.

I gave them a small nugget of it and the whole hell broke loose.

The cockroaches started attacking my dream.

They said, my dream was not right. It was not smart or even real. Why won’t you forget about it, they said. Join us and our dream, they said.

I did not agree and asked them out. For a long time, they did not want to leave and kept trying to remake my mind. In one moment, from being useful to them, I turned into a wrong person they started disdaining.

It was the first time I really came face to face to dissimulators.

And I at once realized…

Those who want to kill your dream should not apologize

The thought was sudden and exceptionally uncomfortable, mainly because I am teeth into justice and idea of taking responsibility for everything you think, say, or do.

But cockroaches do not take responsibilities for their actions, words, or thoughts. They do things because their small hearts are not able to experience life fully and their minds are too narrow to think farther than their wicked needs to drown someone, in order to stand out themselves.

Their world is just a small hole in the moldy floor of a mansion.

They are not able to think or care about your dream, your pain, you craving for life.

It’s your job!

You have to protect your dream from hungry cockroaches and their evil tongues. Ideally, you have to learn to extract strength from the poison they inject you with.

Their opinion should not be accepted as an ultimate truth and it should not be the reason for you to give up.

How to stand up to the cockroaches’ attacks?

It is not a coincidence that I call those people cockroaches.

Because what they do or say to you activates the cockroaches in your head that either eat your dreams and aspirations alive or give you enormous strength to start chasing your dream with even more passion.

And that is why those who want to kill your dream should not apologize, because technically, you are the only one who can kill it.

They are just the provokers who take no responsibility for how destructive their action or words can be for you.

What helps to shield away from their toxic impact is asking yourself, will what the cockroaches think or tell you matter in a few years?

And the most important question.

Do you want to join the meaningless, joyless herd of the cockroaches?

Because if you let them the power to kill your dream and decide your life, you will sink in unhappiness and your existence will become so unbearable to you that sooner or later all you will be able to think about would be how to make everyone else around you unhappy.

Realizing the causal relation between what you choose and where it will lead you is a vital tool in standing up the cockroaches’ attacks.

Another powerful way to protect yourself and your dreams from this kind of attacks is trying to straighten your belief in yourself every day.


By trying to learn yourself better and accept what you learn.

I never met a person who would be hundred percent happy and content with what he or she is or has.

Some struggle to accept what they see in the mirror. Some live a life full of emotional battles. But the most important thing about life is always neglected and it is:

You and your dream have a right to live no matter how imperfect you might feel or how small and meaningless your dream may seem to someone. You were born which means you were approved by the highest minds.

Shift your attention

From now on, you are not to question your worth but discovering your potential.

You are not to question your meaning but expressing yourself to the world.

Who knows, maybe one day, the cockroaches will see what they have lost and follow that tiny-tiny light that is still alive in their dark minds!

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