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Key Strategies To Stay Centered and Focused In Your Life

Key Strategies To Stay Centered and Focused In Your Life

I’ll tell you a story: once, there was a girl that believed she could do anything. But things she did at the end of the day were not the right things and so, her greatness started slowly dissipating. Is not it what magic in reverse looks like?

As a human, you have the privilege to be anyone and to do anything you can only imagine. But in the world, where everything fights for your attention, where colours and smells are there to entice you to want what you don’t even need, where fashionable pictures of super stars look down at you daily affecting your idea of the beautiful, and where information does not go through filters of valid or reasonable, this privilege plays a bad joke on you.

It messes up with your head; if you can be anyone why cannot you be everyone?! Sounds absurd, I agree, but this idea is what helps your mind to ‘cope’ with all the distractions and variable appearances of people you see every day on the screen of your phone or TV.

Low self-esteem makes you want to look like someone else, be like someone else and even make the choices that someone else did. This endless spin of things in your head lower your productivity, fog your judgments, and make you the least efficient person in the world.

You might have a dream but all you are doing is trying to survive the distractions and the media ‘dictatorship’ of the world around you.

Here are 5 key strategies to help you stay centered and focused in your life

“Always remember, your focus determines your reality.” — George Lucas

Plan ahead

What is focus? Focus is the ability to keep your eye straight at the goal, ignoring and dodging things that are not related to that goal.

Planning ahead is a good habit to help you stay on the track of your ideas and pre-plan your actions which will be exceptionally helpful in boosting your ability to stay focused on the essential things in your life.

Start with planning your day ahead. You can use a simple to do-list planning system or create a detailed schedule with concrete time for concrete tasks.

Just remember, no matter how ambitious and limitless you may feel while planning your day ahead, you have only 24 hours and at least 8 hours you spend on sleep. Don’t try to jam every possible task in your to-do list, otherwise you risk to get disappointed or stressed because you don’t have time to get all the things on your list done by the end of the day.

You can also start planning your weeks, months, and even years, creating new goals for your personal or business development. If you have a study session or a project to work on, a good way to boost your ability to focus is to make the final goal clear. For a study session it can be to finish a chapter, to write an essay or to pass a test.

Whatever it is, the main idea of this strategy is to always define your final goals in everything you do, so you could keep your focus clean on those goals.

Take care of your emotional and physical health

It will never tire me to keep emphasizing how important your emotional (mental) and physical health are. Your emotions are either there to fill you up with energy and unquenchable enthusiasm or to drain you off motivation and desire to do anything. And since your emotional health has a strong connection to your physical health, it’s important to take care of both of them.

A 15 minute of a simple work-out every day and a bit of more attention to vegetables on your plate will already have a significant impact on your physical health.

For your mental health, you might start with a simple awareness practices such as meditation, yoga even aroma or crystal therapy, anything that can calm your mind. In one of my previous post I talked about super-easy in implementation meditative techniques for mindful living that can also help you enhance your ability to stay focus on what you do and be beneficial in stress reduction and general anxieties that prevent you from being productive.

Create a simple routine for yourself where you give at least 20-30 minutes to your physical and emotional health, and you will feel stronger and more energized than ever before.

Educate yourself daily

Let’s be honest, self-education is the key moment for the progress in your life. Invest some of your daily time into learning more about things that are beneficial for your professional growth.

If you are a blogger, spend at least an hour a day reading different blog posts, learning more about how blogging works, or what you can do to make your writing better because this is an important part of your professional life.

You can also educate yourself more about personal finances, because we all need to know how to effectively manage money, and other things that might help you to increase the level of your life.

But be careful, there are a lot unnecessary information that can negatively affect your ability to stay focused on your life.

News is one of that kind of information. Don’t turn into those people who spend hours and hours a day watching news and stressing out about politics, pandemics, and other scary things that don’t even depend on them.

Well, unless, you are a politician, of course. Then sure, go and better the system.

Reach out to people you share mutual interests with

This is probably, the most challenging strategy of all I have to offer you today but this is also a crucial one.

People are important part of your social life and quite often it happens that the people who surround you over time stop sharing the same interests, goals and aspirations as you do. You might feel like there is no one to support you in what you do or in what you dream about but this is not true.

Reach out to other people who share the same interests and ideas as you do. Thankfully, it is easy to do nowadays. If you are a blogger, you can reach out to other bloggers via social media or their blogs and make new connections with people who share the same passion, life views and even dreams.


If you don’t act, then you don’t live.

How often all we do is think, over-think (read my post on medium on how to stop overthinking), and think again. And though thinking is not all that bad, if thinking is all there is, then it’s a problem.

What you do matters more than what you think. Now, when you’ve read my post and learned 5 key strategies on how to focus in your life and stay centred while living it, are you going to take actions or just keep this new information in a storage room on the back of your head for the rest of your life?

Everything about your life is your choice, even when you paradoxically choose not to choose. But remember:

Even wisdom costs nothing unless you start acting according to it. - Franka's wisdom

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