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Why Do Artists Want but Should NOT Live in Isolation?

Why Do Artists Want but Should NOT Live in Isolation?

Living a life in isolation does not make you a better Artist!

The power of creative minds is the force that makes the Earth rotate, the Sun rise and the life on our planet evolve. But there are four basic conditions for prosperity of a creative mind that at times may seem reachable only in isolation.

World is a noisy torture.

Most of artists I know admit, that’s how they feel. And so, they search for quiet by isolating themselves from all the things that happen and happen and happen in the outside world. This need for silence at times becomes the only thing that matters and many artists feel this undeniable urge to get away (preferably on the Moon).

Time speeds and life goes into nowhere.

Like water, time tends to slip through fingers and never come back. And considering how busy life can get, artists have this struggle with extracting a bit of time here and there to keep their creativity afloat and keep creating.

And so, it is natural to assume that isolation could solve this problem for good, since the greatest consumer of time is distraction.

Erosion of creative mind.

There is no Artist (as well as human) in the world who had never faced a load of judgments, doubts, disbelief, and even mockery. Artists have to deal with it daily, and it can be quite exhausting for their tender minds.

Isolation in this case, means no need to face people who seem to have only purpose in their life which is to destroy, no need to deal with the aftertaste of these poisonous messages they leave to you as a cheap souvenir. And so, there will be no one to derail you from your artistic path.

Own a world of your own.

Creativity thrives in the cozy bubble of uniqueness and so often artists wish they could dig out a hole where they could let their imagination unwrap and get comfy, be not restrained by norms and rules. In other words, they want to own a world of their own. And isolation seems like a good place to start.

But despite how right it may seem to take a step into the shelter of isolation, creativity cannot survive there but rather over time, it will die and the remains of it will turn into insanity. 

The well of creativity needs constant refill and the only way you can do it, is to go out and connect to the world, experience life to its fullest. It’s challenging, yes! It’s scary and uncomfortable, yes! But it’s absolutely needed!

From time to time, it can be healing to give yourself and your creativity time to stop and live in blissful solitude, preferably reconnecting with nature and learning about art of other artists, while letting your well of creativity refill.

But by no means should an artist kill its art in the web of deceiving isolation.

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