by Sep 16, 2019

It means a lot. What means a lot?

It means a lot. What means a lot?

A few months ago I took a very important decision. I decided to take my first in years, month off writing and use the time to recharge my personal resources. It was not easy, especially the first week. I was anxious and wired to the same thought that I was wasting my time. Each day I seemed to became more doubtful about the whole idea, walking close to the edge to stop it all and return my butt back to work. Writing always meant a lot to me, and taking a whole month off felt like a betrayal.

I heard about the importance of systematic vacation a lot, but as most of the people, I was rather skeptical about it. Those who take lots of vacations will hardly achieve anything in their lives, I thought. Besides, if you love what you’re doing, you have nothing to vacate from, have you?

But then it was the end of the month and thoughts like that puffed into nowhere. My first vacation mission was complete and my doubts and the old thoughts on the subject swiftly changed. With screeching in the heart I had to admit. They were right. Systematic vacation is important. Besides the fact that it’s a precaution from professional burn-out, it’s also extremely important for mental health and spiritual growth.

I had my time to start cooking, which I never liked or knew a lot about before. I’ve found a few now favorite recipes to satisfy my sweet tooth and I learned a little about living life to its fullest. At the end of my vacation I felt so unfettered from my absolutely destructive obsession with work (more precisely writing), and as I planned in the beginning, I managed to have my personal resources recharged and ready for better work and better mental health as a result. This month I put only my writing off, but in future, I see it would be more fun and useful to make radical changes as well. Like use the month for doing things that I never did before, going places I never went before and maybe even being someone I never was before.

After all, work is not everything even if it means a lot.

This I learned well.

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