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My New Evening ‘Me-Time’ Routine

My New Evening ‘Me-Time’ Routine

I am a mentally strong person with a bunch of sensitive spots in my mind as well as in my heart.

And quite often (almost every day), I get into a condition when my inner peace and balance are somewhat off.

To help me to get my mind back in the right watercourse and put my heart on the channel of contentment and calmness, I created my new evening ‘me-time’ routine.

Connection to…

When I was 14, everything was so different in my eyes.

The colors of nature were brighter and it was easier to get lost in the world of imagination where everything, somehow made perfect sense.

I built forests and I saved princesses.

I even gifted horses with the strength of gods.

I did not define myself as being a writer back then, but I had the power to move the gears of my imagination by will and making new friends, literally out of a thin air by merely writing them.

I loved fairy tales, but even more so I loved to rewrite fairy tales.

But I grew older and though I never stopped writing, the magic of that experience started disappear little by little every day.

Now, ten years later, I call myself a writer but that magic seems to have fallen asleep.

I wanted to write serious things, I explained myself.

But the truth is, I just lost the connection to that child I have always been, that is full of life and fearless to live.

How my new evening ‘me-time’ routine helps me to reconnect with that magic?

The answer is quite simple.

I started doing what I did when I was 14.

I returned to the habit of reading, rewriting, and coming up with new fairy tales.

But it is not all there is to my new evening ‘me-time’ routine.

My new evening ‘me-time’ routine in (almost) details

Working or writing till 4 am – well, I had to admit that staying up till 4 am did not make me happy.

Surprisingly enough, it did not help me to accomplish more either.

So, that was the first thing that I had to change.

In my new evening routine, I end my work (unless I have burning deadlines on the nose, of course), and writing at 8:30 or 9 pm.

I take bath with my favorite essential oils.

I make a cup of hot cocoa or tea – that depends on mood.

Lit up a candle.

And pick up a new fairy tale for the night.

Later, if I feel like it, I will take a notepad with me and start writing my version of the fairy tale I have just read.

Or write a completely new one.

I will turn on an inspiring instrumental music and let my imagination wander as far as it can only get.

By 10:30, I would put out the candle and with empty mind, I would fall asleep.

It is something completely different

The main idea of this new evening routine is to get back to that time when you were free in mind and spirit, and when you were happy, of course.

It can be anything.

Reading, drawing, listening to music, dancing, or watching some particular TV show (charmed would always be my choice in this case), writing, enjoying a cup of tea while looking at the moon – literally anything.

It may look like such a little and absolutely useless thing (most of people don’t even have evening routine) but I have been trying to stick to this new evening routine for four days now and even in such short period of time, I can see the changes in my mental and even physical state.

My drastic mood swings, obsessive thoughts, insomnia, my ability to communicate with people, self-belief and of course my ability to create, all noticeably improved thanks to that time I take every night for ‘me-time.’

When you know how to take care of yourself and how to give yourself what your inner self so needs, you will see that being kinder and more understanding to the world is not such a hard thing to do.

It will come out of you rather naturally.

It is true what they say:

the best thing you can do for the world is to take a good care of yourself.

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