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Darkest Thing... Poem

Darkest Thing... Poem

It was a late hour, a day of October, Russia, and almost two years ago when this poem was accidently written. It was one of the easiest things I’ve even done and to the present days, I keep rereading it when writing becomes hard. Just to remind that sometimes, best things should not be complicated. 

Under racing rays of light, I woke up in dreadful fright.
Darkest vision came to me, black as smoke-ostensibly.
Shallow eyes and stinky breath, held a power in its hand.
And on the neck of darkest thing, lay a tread of serpentine.

Chocking was I as a child, sobbed and prayed to rising light.
'Show your mercy,' pleaded I, 'don't give me up to this shaitan!'
Something scowled at me through dark, and I gasped in terror, fright.
For, its gums were bare like ground, only teeth-like blades were sharp.
And somewhere behind myself, heard I harrowing whimper.

Shook I twice, like aspen leaf, soaked in murky dreadful thing.
Someone switched the lighting off and I was left, completely stone.
Inevitable then came, and oppressed I was again.
Darkest vision moved to me, reached its sloppy hands in plea.
Soundless wail and shards of glass cut my skin and poked my eye.

One I counted for my fright and I thought about my life.
Were there flowers that I smelled? Were there words so wrongly said?
Kisses kissed and hands right held?
Was there anything of that?

Two I counted for my love, for my dream to catch a dove.
Dreadful dream, I lost her there, 
Under sky, on winter's day, broke I bridge and walked away.

Three I counted for my breath and the darkness moved again.
Moment passed, I shut my eyes, felt around closing night.
I was gone, I knew I was,
Cause nothing came to me at once.
I was darkness and I was light, and long gone was dreadful fright.

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