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Keep Your Calm, You Have To Run!

Keep Your Calm, You Have To Run!

The benefits of physical activity are now well-known all over the world. Even a child knows that working out is an important part of healthy body and mind but did you know that a simple 20-40 minutes of everyday running can actually help you to become a life winner.


Here is my very much proven theory

Honestly, for a long time I had rather dubious feelings about running every day. Just like you, I was skeptical if it was safe for my joints and back. The countless amount of articles telling that running is not as healthy as we think and describing health risks of everyday running only added more smoke to the fire.

And so, after five months of everyday running, I gave up.

If they said it was not safe or healthy for me then obviously, I had to stop doing it.

But since running was the main activity of my life, after giving it up the level of my daily activity went dramatically down.

Another few months went by and I discovered something quite interesting.

I started procrastinating on my life, choices, work, writing even more than I ever did before. So what, you may say!? Procrastination is a bitch of many these day. What has it to do with running?

I asked the same question and to answer it, let’s have a look at the cause of procrastination and its accompanying mental processes such as anxiety, obsessive thoughts, rumination, irrational phobias, depressive moods, drowsiness, irritation, resentment, demotivation, apathy, etc.

You procrastinate not because you are a lazy person or just do not have enough of motivation. Sometimes your procrastination is a result of starvation of your nervous system which also results in often occurring anxiety, mood swings, obsessive thoughts, irrational fears, worries, apathy, and even depression.

There are a lot of aspects to healthy functioning of nervous system and the amount of oxygen is of them. Lack of physical activity makes your blood poor on oxygen, it also slows your blood circulation which causes starvation of your brain and nervous system.

Not getting enough of oxygen and poor transport of nutrients makes you brain get into the zone of emergency where your nervous system reacts as a protector from invisible and non-existent danger and life threat.

And then, welcome anxiety, welcome obsessive thoughts, welcome depression. Because your brain thinks you are in a dangerous environment where your very life is threatened by lack of such a primitive and simple element as oxygen.

As someone who has poor blood circulation, I have noticed that lack of physical activity affects my mental attitude towards life. I am less motivated to do my work. Often occurring anxiousness turns into a dire wolf gnawing on my very nerves and makes it at times impossible for me to even leave my room. I experience irrational worries and irritation. World starts scaring me. Obsessive thoughts turn every fly I see into huge elephants. I get easily upset, my mood changes four weathers in a few minutes. I find it hard to believe in myself, to see myself as worthy or deserving. The quality of my performance in work and writing suffers.

My muse hangs its head and I slowly start losing interest towards life.

In this state, building your life, making choices, making friends, pursuing dreams, and grow as person become impossible. Even studying becomes a challenge for your brain.

This is when success turns a fiction word impossible in your reality.

Add fast food, sugar drinks, bad habits, and negative attitude and you get the formula of Hell.

So, I after drawing the parallel line between all of those mental disturbances and lack of physical activity in y life, I made a decision to return to everyday running again.

running, physical activity

One thing I want to tell you is that if you have health issues and cannot go for running every day, even a simple 20 minutes of fast walking will help to enrich your blood with oxygen and help your nervous system to calm down and your brain leave the zone of that destructive emergency mode.

And that information on how running can be dangerous for your joints and back is a huge misinformation.

Yes, running can be dangerous for your joints and back if you are an athlete running 10 plus km every day!

20-40 minutes of running at an easy pace is an absolutely different story.

Today was the third day of me being back on track with running and I can already see improvement in my performance, mood, and sleep.

So, if you feel like you are failing your life and dreams, if you cannot stop the circle of obsessive thoughts, if getting out of the bed gets harder every day, if you feel like you are not enough, if you feel like you are stuck, before you drop your hands and give up, I want you to ask yourself, if you have enough of physical activity in your day-to-day life.

Because quite possible that your nervous system and brain are suffering with lack of oxygen turning the lights off in your life.

And I absolutely believe that running is one of the most powerful tool to help you become a life winner.

Keep your calm, you have to run!

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