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Aromatherapy and I: What Is Aromatherapy and How Does It Help Me?

Aromatherapy and I: What Is Aromatherapy and How Does It Help Me?

I have been envisioning this moment for a few months now.

I have been picturing you and me getting cozy with a cup of tea and following the inborn curiosity and craving to bring a bit more of health awareness to our lives.

But like two serpents in the caduceus, a healthy body is entwined with a healthy mind where one is simply impossible without the other.

Fortunately, I have been extremely lucky to get at early age into the circle of people that know and cherish the natural and fully organic sources of getting to a healthier lifestyle.

And aromatherapy was one of the first steps my family took towards a healthier and more conscious living.

What is aromatherapy?

Aromatherapy is one of the most pleasurable and effective procedures that is based on the usage of essential oils via inhalation or even water immersion (massage and topical applications can be included in here as well.)

Its roots go far back to ancient times when the peoples of China, Greece, Rome, and Egypt started actively using essence of herbs and flowers to naturally induce and facilitate labor, sustain body heath, preserve the beauty and increase the might of spirit.

Let’s not forget that aromas have been always an important part in religious services, meditations, and other spiritual practices.

It was believed to be the greatest remedy for not only body but for mind and spirit as well.

What are the benefits of regular usage of aromatherapy?

Today, usage of certificated and 100% refined oils in aromatherapy has proven to be one of the most effective ways of preventing and treating common cold, viral infections, mental fatigue, insomnia, anxiety, and serving as antibacterial agent.

Since essential oils are the center figure in aromatherapy, we will have a more detailed conversation about the quality and other vital aspects of choosing essential oils soon, so make sure to subscribe and/or follow me on social media to not miss it.

Aromatherapy has been a part of my life for almost 15 years now, though I truly started appreciating it just a few years ago when my tendency to falling into depression here and there turned into black window of constant insomnia, anxiety, and obsessive behavior.

It never stops fascinating me how a mere aroma of lavender (please, do not use chemical essence of lavender that is cheap and mainly presented on the shelves of cosmetic stores—those are ineffective and can be toxic,) can help to improve sleep quality and calm the mind.

How essential oil of basil can improve your intellectual performance; or how by enriching your face cream with a drop of rosewood essential oil can improve the color and condition of your skin, help to naturally smooth out wrinkles and heal post-acne and so much more.

In these times of corona, a drop of essential oil of eucalyptus on your sweater or coat, for example, will provide you with a protective antibacterial cloud and prevent airborne infection transmission.

Is not it cool?

And this list of benefits can go on and on.

Practical application of aromatherapy

Here, I will give a short introduction to all the things you need to take your first steps into aromatherapy and increase the quality of your health and life in general.

Aroma diffuser

I would recommend to pay your attention to hypersonic or ultrasonic aroma diffusers or, as a cheaper version, old fashioned candle diffusers.

aroma diffuser

I personally use aroma diffuser NUVOLA (‘Cloud’) which combines functions of an aroma lamp and humidifier, and so far it has been one of the best money investment I have done in my life.

High quality essential oils (100% refined and organic)

And I cannot highlight enough how important it is to understand that 95% of essential oils presented in the world are either chemically synthesized or low quality and uncertificated or have a percentage of synthetic components in them which can be toxic and cause a dangerous allergy reaction.

So, each time, I refer to essential oils I mean 100% highly refined oils that are produced using the newest technologies and contain from dozens to a hundred of bioactive substances.

And of course, they have to be GMP certificated, to not be tested on animals, free of parabens and some more (we will talk about it in more details soon.)

Here is my humble army of essential oils.

essential oils

And that is all you need!

Ways to use

Aroma diffuser

Pour lukewarm clean water into the tank and add a few drops of chosen essential oil in the water. Let the room fill with the healing aroma of essential oils for 15-20 minutes, then open window to ventilate the room for 3-5 minutes.

I usually skip the last part but if the aroma in the room feels too thick and concentrated to you, you can always ventilate the room for a few minutes.


This method is part of my self-care routine because what can be more relaxing and calming than taking a bath before bed.

Well, only taking a bath with essential oils.

Precaution: since essential oils are lighter than water, it is recommended to use them on applicators (such as a pinch of sea salt.) This will help essential oil to dissolve better in water instead of gathering on the top of it.

Add 2-3 drops of chosen essential oil on a spoon of sea salt and put it in water. Then enjoy the smell and magic of the essential oils while submerged in it.

Cold aromatherapy

Add a few drops of essential oil on your clothes or in a ceramic aroma pendant.

I used to use this method a lot at school because it was effective, cool, and I adored my puppy white ceramic aroma pendant.

ceramic aroma pendant

Kids love this method, trust me!

These past few months I have been working on gathering useful, health-related information from leading doctors in Russia and abroad, and I hope this new topic on my website will be beneficial and helpful to all of you because as much as I love to be talking about mental health, personal growth, and development, I know for sure, that without a healthy body it is hard to cultivate a healthy mind.

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See you soon!

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