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Quarantine Time. Writing. And new Thoughts to Consider in the Coming Months.

Quarantine Time. Writing. And new Thoughts to Consider in the Coming Months.

This post is my attempt at journaling online. And it feels different.

Nevertheless, I am willing to try and since I have some things to say, I sincerely hope that this post will be something interesting to read.

Let me begin with quarantine and how this global COVID-19 pandemic affected me. To my own surprise and utter bewilderment, it is not all bad. Scary? Yes! But not bad at all.

Maybe it has something to do with my book that I started writing in the end of September, 2019, which touches on terrifying aspects of immortality and connected to countless outbursts of pandemics throughout the entire history of mankind, but I feel the current situation is not to destroy but to make us come back to our human self and to look at how precious life is; that surviving is only possible if we work and exist as a team. Now, when we have the mutual enemy (corona virus), we hopefully will learn to solve problems without throwing bombs and declaring wars against each other.

Just like in my book, the world is meant to fall to rise again; stronger and more compassionate, where people remember who they are and what responsibilities they as human beings have.

Yet, there was a moment when all my aspirations collapsed. No doubt, COVID-19 affected my writing, bringing more darkness into already dark world of my fiction. In any other time, I would be happy about it. Right now, I’m rather confused.

Do I want to oppress my writing with all the instability we all are living in right now? No. On the other hand, what affects us, affects what we do and therefore what we write or create. This is something I had to think about a lot.

Besides, what about tomorrow? I know, we are not promised to have more than today, but thinking about tomorrow can be actually sweet and in some way, motivating. I look forward to life right now, during this quarantine time more than before when life was in a semi-stable condition, when everything seemed normal and predictable. My goals seem to me more important right now, and make more sense than before. Maybe, it’s because we all came so close to brushing the shoulder of death; that taking life for granted does not seem acceptable anymore.

I’ve heard a lot ‘but people die all the time’ argument, which I personally don’t think to be legit here. The point is, now death is more real. Not only because of corona virus, but also because of the challenges of financial, medical, political, and social characters. And it is all up to each and every of us to call upon the best personal qualities we have and not to give in fear or anger so we could work together and try to help ourselves, the ones who are near us or the ones who need our help.

For anyone who wanted but never had time to create, whether it be writing a book, painting or starting a blog, due to work, and busy living, now is the time to look at your dreams more seriously.

When if not Now!?

And even though some of my plans seem not possible anymore, I still believe 2020 is going to be a huge step for all of us into something new, something better, and hopefully safer. And lets hope that more families will unite during this hard time, and open new side of their relationships and values for themselves.

Thank you for taking your time to read my first page from online journaling. Let me know if you have some thoughts about the format, some ideas how this online journaling could be more beneficial and useful for my readers, and please, if you have something to tell about your quarantine time, don’t be shy and leave a few words in the comment section below.

Romain Briaux

Romain Briaux May 2, 2020

What technology stack did you use to create your website?


Franka May 3, 2020

@Romain Briaux, my website is still in the process of development and it's created with the magical hands of a programmer, so I cannot answer technical questions.

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