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I’m Writing. Don’t Try to Stop me

I’m Writing. Don’t Try to Stop me

Writers write, right?!

But what about other things, we, writers, have to deal with daily. Starting with a very primitive task as to find in the load of these mundane responsibilities time to actually sit and spend an hour in a blissful solitude, writing. What about brainstorming, plotting, figuring out ways through dead corners of story? What about sculpting characters from inside and outside, getting the right faces that will come alive on the pages later? What about getting acquainted with them? I can keep on and on for ages, talking about all the tiny details that come along with this pretty simple word as writing. And no one even considers writing, besides the ones who at least once tried to write, as something serious.

Every time I say that I am a writer, which I don’t do too often, people look at me with eyes of  a complete misunderstanding. I bet, most of them don’t even know what it means.


I am writing. Don’t try to stop me.

Life does not give extra credits to us, writers, but everyone, deep inside, knows that without writing, things in the world would be different. And I mean the sad part of the different.

Writing is the most truthful way of sharing, teaching, talking, delivering, explaining and passing information and messages through space and time. Shakespeare died four centuries ago but without his writing life would not progress the way it did and the world we see behind our windows today could be something absolutely different if he and other great writers did not persist, fighting against everyone in order to bring stories, messages, thoughts alive on the paper.

Writing is not easy, but I doubt it was easy for a microorganism while boiling in layers of the scorching earth’s crust, evolve and give the first sprout of life on our planet either.

But is not life of your story worth of fighting, frustration and even occasional failure? It can take years of work that no one will even care about but is not it worth of seeing the fruit of your labor in print? In the hands of people reading it? On bookshelves?

Of course, it is and this is why we ,writers, write. And even those, who don’t understand us today, will more likely talk about our works tomorrow.

My appreciations to each and every of you.

Tom K.

Tom K. Mar 15, 2020

This post inspires and motivates me. For me, writers are like super rock stars ♡♡♡


Franka Mar 15, 2020

@Tom K., haha, they are!! :D thank you!

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