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What makes your writing speak louder?

What makes your writing speak louder?

It’s only my observation but writing, like most if not all things in our life, has a profound connection to our inner design. It’s a complicated relationship between who we are and what we know, what we believe and what we do. And let’s not forget, that writing is first and foremost is a form of communication between us and the world around us.

However, you may have noticed that not all you write speaks as loud as you would want it to. My fellow twitter friend once told, why does not it make sense when all I’m doing is trying to make one, and this is the best example of how frustrating writing can at times be.

5 Steps to Make Your Writing Speak Louder


Plan ahead

Whether it be writing a blog or a novel or a business letter, you need to take some time and organize your thoughts first. Create a short structured plan of what you’re about to write. It can be point-by-point notes or a rough outline, anything to help you to center your attention on the subject of your writing and clearly express your ideas and thoughts in it.

Use less words

Guilty as charged, though I swear, I’m much better at this now. But quite often we, writers, tend to indulge the habit of expressing one thought by two sentences instead of one, relying on the mercy of weaker and less expressive vocabulary.

Simple school method: instead of saying – the most important thing about this letter is… - say – the crucial thing about this letter is…
In other words, make every word in your writing count.

Mindfulness practice

Imagine that your thoughts are a handful of rice. It can be either gathered in a small bag from which you can easily take a needed amount, or it can be strewn all over the place. Which way, do you think, is more convenient?

Mindfulness practice is one of the best things that positively affect your writing. And if you are thinking where to start, I sincerely recommend you to check out my previous blog post here.

Honesty and sequence

Good writing is like a mirror – it reflects the deepest parts of writer’s soul.

But in order to be honest you need to have a strong connection to the truth inside of you. And though this may look like we are heading to a spiritual aspect of writing again, this is more than that.

Your readers are not fools. Don’t use words just because they are rare or fancy and sound nice. Be honest about what you are writing and aim for a sequence in the flow of your thoughts and feelings each time you transfer them into words.


I included this one because I’ve noticed that writing speaks its loudest when it’s the voice of something authentic. It’s not even that important if it’s written in a witty way or not. What matters is that what you write is not a cheap copy of what was written before but something genuine.

As I said in the beginning of this post – writing is a form of communication between you and the world around you, but it also is a willingness to stay face-to-face with your true self, with your fears and sorrows in the moments when you want to look away from them the most.

Be authentic in your writing and stay honest to your reader, and you will see how the voice of your writing becomes louder.

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Gerry Giacoman

Gerry Giacoman Jun 17, 2020

What is the technology stack used to build fjhaddley.com?


Franka Jun 17, 2020

@Garry Giacoman, unfortunately, I cannot answer technical questions.

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