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Shelter of my Heart. Poem

Shelter of my Heart. Poem

Shelter of my heart was robbed
I let someone too close
without thoughts
of possible bedlam
not caring for the locks
on doors
and bam!
all stolen
even from the swamped
places of my mind,
petty thief
in skin of holy sheep
with face
of angel
without wings
stomped across
the piece
of my bloody art
a destroyer
of shelter of my heart

Usman Zaman Khan

Usman Zaman Khan Feb 9, 2020

The thief will come back to return the shelter of your heart , Angel's have wisdom .


Franka Feb 9, 2020

@Usman Zaman Khan, thank you for your comment ^_^


Del Mar 26, 2020

Wow โ€” love thIs Franka


Franka Mar 26, 2020

@Del, thank you a lot!

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