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Scorch of Cold. Poetry

Scorch of Cold. Poetry

this scorch on the edge
of each cell in my body

feels like
i've never been kissed before

feels like I hover,
soaring high and yet crawling so low.

and if i am mere shade
that freezes the water of the Atlantic

than what is this scorch
that burning like flame

keeps searing the flesh of my heart?


Andrew Mar 3, 2020

Hi Franka .
I follow you on twitter so get to see your poems all the time, I honestly think they are all good and the pictures you use to go with them always fit the idea of the poem. Keep writing always as I love reading them.

The devil may knock
But only you can open the door
Only to see your wishes
But warily step through
As the door may shut
Then the knocking
Comes from you.
I wrote this in reply to someone on twitter a short while back, it's a bit deep I think but I liked it and added it to my Twitter profile.
Keep up the amazing work


Franka Mar 4, 2020

@Andrew, Hi and thank you for the comment. I really appreciate it. And this piece of poetry is amazing, all things I so adore : devil and doors! Great job!

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