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Poem: Save Yourself

Poem: Save Yourself

And said the one whose voice was lost

Go save them all – go, save the most

Of undergone and souls that lone

In wander locked behind the wall.


I lowered head and asked the voice

How could I hear the sound of yours?

And who, you tell me, it belongs?


‘To Southern winds,’ was its response.


And said again that distant voice

Go save yourself - go, save the most

Like rain saves earth

Like rivers – life


Like touch of hearts of two beloved.


Be word of hope to give someone

To those who stand completely lone

Right in the doorway

Of the gone:


Be humble, fearless – be the one!


And quiet was then - that voice to me

No Southern wind, I could then see

Not even plea,

I could not ask:


All had been said – all said at once


And so I went to save them all

To save the most of what was gone

For every piece

I reached and fought


I held and lulled for every child.


But stupid me, I lost the sight

And I myself then turned in night.


The voice came echo in my head

You had to save

Yourself ahead.

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