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Poem: Metaphoric

Poem: Metaphoric

I took the stone and turned in stone

As if I was not born and never ever lived

I left the piece like leaves the soul

Cold body of the weak.


In wander I left all the ties

To earthy mind of mine

And memory of ones I loved

Were suddenly all gone.


I was alone, I was not me

Nor was I what the tongues

Were prophesying for me to be

I was there but no one.


Like weight I stood on eye of earth

With quietly beating heart

And watched my fingertips all go

Ice cold and artic white.


Clocks started going in my head

How long it's gonna take?

For me to grow in chunk of stone

I still held in my hand.


Like you I was and did not want

To stay or simply leave

I wanted peace, I wanted storms

To bring me up my knees.


And wanted I just be someone

On this radar of life

To be a part of earthly fate

A victory of light.

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