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One Hundredth of a Second. Poem by Matt Greenwell & F J Haddley

One Hundredth of a Second. Poem by Matt Greenwell & F J Haddley

Sometimes, people just find each other and a Poem gets born. Just like that, without reason or explanation. Matt Greenwell is not just a great writer with a unique sense of rhythm and humor, he is also a great person and my good friend. This poem 'One Hundredth of a Second' is a product of his incredible dedication to writing, talent, wonderful ability to read between lines and my love for darkness and tragic. He is genuis and without it we would not have this amazing poem written. 

Ladies and Gentelmen! To your attention, I want to present: One Hundredth of a Second.


Trapped in the juncture of today and tomorrow, 
When the minute hand is toiling to midnight, 
Breathless birds falling, from the cold sky of sorrow, 
Scheming vultures begin their fight.
Their aim, to beat time, now and forever, 
Unbound, with sweet freedom to bestow,
But a tear-stained feather, from a bird once so clever,
Just collapsed on the hard ground so low.
What a show! 
Paralyzed by the horror, four birds in the corner, 
Are genuinely happy to die.

The vultures still battle for all they are worth,
But their doomed goal is cursed, their failure repeated.
Caught in the moment, between heaven and earth, 
Tripping in dark, time has them defeated.
Ghostly wings, forced back to their realm.
The bondage of time proudly gloats at the helm. 
Taking on all daft birds and absurd creatures,
Who dream the clock with all its sly features,
Can be stopped from keeping its flight.

Love you, Greenwell! And look forward to co-write with you again.
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Matt Greenwell

Matt Greenwell Nov 5, 2019

Franka, what can I say about your words, which are too generous and not enough about your 50% contribution to this piece. All I can say is thank you so very much, and yes, thank God we found each other. I love you and writing with you. You are a genuine writer at heart.


Franka Nov 6, 2019

@Matt Greenwell, it does not change the fact that your contribution to this piece is what made it final, soo... thank you!

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