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My Book Cover Reveal!

My Book Cover Reveal!

Do not worry, my reader, you are spared from seeing the dramatic failure of the first cover that I made for this project by myself.

For those who hated it and for those who loved it, thank you!

But everyone must do what they do the best and creating book covers is not what I do the best.

Fortuetly, the earth is not empty and I still have a bunch of talented friends to turn to.

Witch of An Unfortunate Kind had a fortune to get into the hands of Arfin Mehedi!

I am sure some of you already know Arfin or at least saw some of his works such as the book cover for Tony Anderson’s poetry book Vintner, for example.

So, when I finished my book cover (yes, that awful version that should be buried in hell for the rest of times), naturally, I sent it to Arfin first to see what he as a professional book cover designer thinks about it.

Of course, he was polite and nice, so instead of throwing fire balls into my work he offered his help.

You know, sometimes enthusiasm can get you into something that is way too deep for your shallow knowledge on the subject. Yet, being a stubborn creature, you just keep trying. Till all of a sudden someone reaches a hand to you.

It is the moment when you truly understand that you are not alone on this planet and honestly, I think it is one of the best feelings ever.

And then, this happens.

Book Cover by Arfin Mehedi

Book cover of Witch of An Unfortunate Kind

See? You can see it, right?!

This mix of black and foxy red makes me so happy, because it was exactly what I wanted it to be like.

And look at this gold letterings…

I will tell you more about the project in my next blog post cause today is all about the cover.

This amazing cover!

And my little witch looks stunning in the light of this hunting darkness and burning fires. Do not you think?!

Arfin creates cover designs for Amazon, Lulu, IngramSpark, and also local printed book covers. He actually can create a book cover for any project you have in mind.

His services include:

  • Paper cover
  • ACX cover
  • Book cover mockup (2D Cover and 3D Cover)
  • Social media cover
  • Book promo video
  • Business card design (If you need)
  • Convert any category kindle cover to KDP paperback book cover design.

You can check out his portfolio (which has an incredible and professional collection of works) here: Behance of Arfin Mehedi

Every indie author knows how important it is to have a trust worthy professional online on your side that can help you to deliver your ideas and your precious works to your readers in the best shape and look possible. And Arfin Mehedi is one of those people that can help you with book cover which is exactly where the journey for your readers begin.

He can also create eye-catching mockups for your work so you would be able to promote them on your social media and this is just another kind of help that most of us need.

If you have any questions, you can contact Arfin via his social media or email.

His contact email: mdmehedi23024@gmail.com

His Skype: mdmehedi11234

His facebook page: https://facebook.com/PremadeBookGallery

His twitter page: https://twitter.com/Arfin_mehedi121

If you liked this book cover, let me know by clicking on the like button below. It will take just a second but will mean an ocean lot to me. And make sure to check Arfin's works and follow him on his social media. Trust me, you will thank me later.

Thank you for stopping by today.

See you soon.

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