by Apr 18, 2020

Microfiction. Collection #1 : Hushed in The Middle

Microfiction. Collection #1 : Hushed in The Middle

He wanted to pay for all the books in the world. But there was nothing in his pocket.
You can survive only once. The rest is fighting.
I touched the sky and washed my face in thunder. That’s how anyone can win a second chance.
We walked in the same river and walked out on the different sides of the shore. Seems like life knows better, indeed!
Where can you find kindness? Inside a silk glove and redness of the paint on a nail.
Nothing has ever been that close to everything. Hard to say what power pushed the apple in the center of the plate but on the sunrise everything started feeling like an order. Because there was no such word as ‘world’ anymore.
When love became inappropriate, hate turned out to be the only source of solidness that kept us on our feet. Sad story neither of us knew how to tell.
See how worlds fall apart. One sees the meaning in someone's eyes - the eyes that are never ever opened.
There is only one person in the world who knows how to laugh when no joke is spoken. It is the person who is deeply in love.
I could be anyone. But I really wanted to be someone special.

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