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June Break and Vintner: What's tragedy? A half-written love story by Tony Anderson

June Break and Vintner: What's tragedy? A half-written love story by Tony Anderson

June was a free of blogging kind of month for me and it was both out of necessity and regardless of my never dying optimism that I could jingle as many writing projects as I wanted. Mental correction here – no, I could not.

June was a hell of productive month for my debut novel which has been under the status ‘work in progress’ for almost a year now. And to make it clear, I was not working on it as much as I did in June which is probably why it’s taking so long for me to finish it. Anyway, June rocked me miles forward to the finish line and to say that I am happy about it does not even stand close to what I really feel.

Another good news about June is that one of my first friends on twitter became a published poet. And this blog post is mainly dedicated to this news.

Vintner: What's tragedy? A half-written love story by Tony Anderson


Vintner By Tony Anderson 

Amazon link

When I first met Tony which was way back in 2019, he was the most active, crazy active I would say, person I knew on twitter. His poetry flowed one after another and I could only wonder how the hell could he produce so many heart-touching poetry pieces so fast. Day and night, he was writing what his heart had to say. I could only watch, read, and find pieces of myself among those words and metaphors he so masterfully composed.

He was telling his story and that story was so emotionally strong that when June 2020 happened, he turned from being a one of the most notable poets on twitter into a proudly published poet on Amazon. My sincere congratulations Tony!

If you find love poetry speaking to you, I would definitely recommend to check Tony’s work. It’s not just words; it’s tears, sweat, heartbreaks, so mundane and yet so full of arcane expressiveness words. Also, if you still don’t follow this mystical in all senses of this word poet, I would suggest you join his little army of the poetry connoisseurs (11k members on twitter- leaving the link below).

Tony's Twitter page

Tony's Instagram

2020 has been full of surprises; with all the disasters, pandemic apocalypse, political shakes, and so on, I still think it would be legit to call this year also the era of a new poet (aka Tony Anderson) because I believe that Tony’s work will resonate with thousands of people all over the world. You just follow him and see for yourself.

Tony is quite popular among Russian people as well and for all the Russians reading this blog post, I have a good news; soon, Tony’s work will be available in Russian as well (let’s cross fingers on this news, guys).

I can keep on and on talking about Tony and his work but nothing can say better about the poet than his words. Here is a piece of poetry from Vintner: What's tragedy? A half-written love story by Tony Anderson

 (With Tony’s permission of course).


Vintner by Tony Anderson

Get a copy of Tony's book: Amazon link

Follow Tony on Twitter: Tony's Twitter page

Follow Tony on Instagram: Tony's Instagram

On the final note, I would also like to mention our mutual friend Arfin Mehedi who created this amazing book cover for Tony's work and whose talent and patience helped the day of Tony's publication become real. If you are an author who is searching for a talanted and trusted book cover designer, feel free to connect to Arfin Mehedi via his twitter page. I'll leave the link below.

Follow Arfin Mehedi on Twitter: Arfin's Twitter page


Del Jul 12, 2020

Nice post Franka — I enjoy reading them.


Franka Jul 12, 2020

@Del, thank you so much!

Tony Elon and others

Tony Elon and others Jul 12, 2020

You are fabulous ❤

Tom K.

Tom K. Jul 12, 2020

Nice work ❤❤❤


Franka Jul 12, 2020

@Tom K., thank you ❤

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