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It's Happening!

It's Happening!

Yes, it is happening! After years and years of existing on the edge between my fiction worlds and slightly boring reality, I finally made a decision to flip another page in my life and start sharing the biggest aspect of my existence.

My fiction writing!

What it means?

It means a supernatural story written by F J Haddley (aka me) is coming your way.

Witch of An Unfortunate Kind

What I have on mind here is a slightly different version of self-publishing.

Meaning, technically there will not be a book to buy but there will be a door into the world of my fiction for you to step in.

Witch of An Unfortunate Kind is going to be an on-going project on Wattpad (if you have an account on Wattpad or want to join me on my journey, please, make sure to follow me there.)

Here is a rough blurb to let you know what the story is about

Roughly saying, Witch of An Unfortunate Kind is a mild urban fantasy that narrates the life of a witch in the world where the true meaning of the word ‘magic’ is known by few only.

The story is set on the thin line between real and supernatural worlds where pentagrams and magical sings still have the power to take lives and bring creatures and entities that must be never brought from the fires of the underground to the real world.

The center figure in the story is a witch with empathic powers and never ending headaches of having a demon girl right on her tail. Being a rare kind of witch, Kari discovers that the old house she inherited from her granny is not empty and she is not the only thing living in it. That past of the witches and witchcraft is now her future and that her very life now depends on the shady demon girl. The worst yet is to come when she discovers that she has been marked by Hell itself.

And as if there were not enough problems in her life already, a secret organization investigating paranormal crimes in the city turns for her help.

Kari’s life swiftly turns into a very confusing nightmare but even in the dark she finds a glimpse of light in the cat-like eyes of the demon girl. Are they friends or enemies? Or are they something else?

Follow me on Wattpad not to miss this warm to my hearts story and know what kind of relationships are possible between a witch and a demon.

Now, let’s get to the details of the project

As I said before, Witch of An Unfortunate Kind is an on-going project, meaning, I will be publishing this story by pieces.

To be more precise, it is going to be A NEW CHAPTER EACH WEEK.

And though I have a rough draft of the story on my hands, it is still going to be a full rewrite/editing/more writing kind of thing for me as well.

My journey there starts on November, 1st and I am sweating nerves and excitement about it here.

I would really appreciate your support there, so please, if you have Wattpad account give me a follow there. And I promise to do everything possible (and even impossible if needed) to make your journey into Kari’s story enjoyable and fun.

Thank you for stopping by today. I appreciate it so much.

See you soon.

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