by Feb 9, 2020

I wrote... Poem

I wrote... Poem

So, i wrote...
if you were a grain of salt
i would rub you on all of my wounds,
and you laughed-
master of pain
causing eruption of light
in dried veins of my love,
i'm rarely right
when talking to you
so are you
when talking to me,
we both know
words are not for free
and neither is love.

if you were a grain of salt
i would create a new god
to pray every night
to turn all the salt in the world
into sugar
and make me sick with the lack
so I could swallow you up
and feel in my blood
this streaming presence of you.

-you say, it is not safe
but so is the life
i'm obliged to live
in sensless distance
from you.

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