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He forbids smiling, no laughing... Poem

He forbids smiling, no laughing... Poem

The last thing I ever planned or wanted, for that matter, was to write poems. But occasionally things happened on their own and for past years I've written quite a few dozens of them. Don't get me wrong, most of them are not good at all, but some... 

This 'He forbids smiling, no laughing...' Poem is one short piece from my collection I think you may like.


He forbids smiling, no laughing, this can be hard,
In his mind everything is a lack of light.
He scowls, nothing real, this makes him strong,
No pressure, no meaning, he is a thorn.
He never gets warmer, never gets kind,
No sense of humor, he is a bug.
Created by people and spoiled by Gods,
It never gets easy to hold him like that.

He forbids smiling, no laughing, this can be odd,
No Sundays, no parties, he is too bored.
He never stops thinking, never plays nice,
His dreams are a liquid and he is its ice.
His home is the void but he is not there,
He lives among us, like one of our friends.
Doomed to be broken, as fragile as glass,
He is not funny, he isn’t like us.

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