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Clarity as a Success Sign

Clarity as a Success Sign

Unimaginable amount of possibilities and opportunities that exist in the world can easily cloud our minds, weaken us, and strip off our inborn greatness. And clarity is the only way to avoid it.

I know from personal experience how hard it can be to plan out even just a week ahead, gather the data and set everything the best way possible, so all the goals could have been achieved and all the projects successfully executed. It’s a complicated process that most of people struggle to perform. And this is perhaps one of the superpowers highly successful people have mastered.

It’s especially important if you, just like me, have a trouble to direct the focus of your mind to one direction, constantly finding yourself veering off and paying attention to things that in no way are related to your life goals and dreams.

Unfortunately, if you keep going this blind, unproductive way you will never get where you want to be.

What is clarity?

Clarity is the ability of being coherent and intelligible; the ability to look into the core of things and not get distracted or confused by instability of what’s on the surface.

Now, what lack of clarity tells you about?

There are things we cannot predict or control but I assure you it does not affect your ability to see your path clearly.

On the contrary, if you lack clarity it means you are heading into nowhere. Unless, it’s nowhere is your final destination, this is the sign for you to stop and think about what you are doing in more details.

You need a whole picture, not just a small fraction of it.

I also have a rule that says:

if you cannot see every step of the stairs you are climbing, you cannot be sure you are climbing the stairs at all.

Blind way is for learning – clarity is for success.

In anything, to accomplish something you have to learn this something first. This principle works here as well. Here is an example from my experience.

When I started my first blog in 2018, which was absolutely different from this website, I had no idea where I was heading with that project. I had some sort of a general picture of where I wanted to be with my blog, but it was so blurry and formless that if someone asked me to tell exactly what my goal was, I would not be able to tell.

As you can guess, it did not work out. In around 6 months I had to close that blog because I did not have clarity about what I was doing. I had too many interests: I liked to write about different things that were hard to unite and put on one blog, because the subjects and their combo on one blog page made my potential readers rather confused.

That blog was a creature with head of a dog, neck of a giraffe, legs of an elephant, and body of a fish. It was that unclear.

But it was a great experience that helped me to come to creating this website, and though I am still sharpening my vision about this blog, I believe that I would not be able to get here if at some point I did not force myself to form in words what exactly do I want from my blogging activity.

I have a theory and it hundred percent works!

Lack of clarity is nothing more but a signal that you are heading the opposite way from success. It’s when the path gets the hardest, when you struggle to stay motivated and inspired to keep going, it’s what makes you doubt if what you are doing is even important.

Gain clarity and you will solve most of the mental struggles that like the Great Chinese Wall stands on the way to your growth and success.

How to help your mind see things clearly?

The answer is simple: ask questions.

  • What is my goal?
  • What do I want to achieve?
  • Is what I am doing now works?
  • What skills do I have that can help me to excel on this?
  • Is what I am doing resultative?


The more questions like these the better, because luckily for you, we are so designed that once a question is asked your brain will go fire and water to find the answer. This, in its turn, will help you to dispel the cloud of uncertainty and approach to so vital clarity on your way to success.

Sometimes, you might feel overwhelmed with this idea of clarity. 

Sometimes, you might feel like walking blindly into nowhere is easier than taking a break and figure out your exact direction and all the steps on your way to your final destination. 

Sometimes, you might feel like your brain struggles to look farther than what’s in front of you and therefore messes up your attempts at detailed planning. 

But it only is a protective mechanism that turns on each time we try to change the pattern of your thoughts and behavior.

This is the process of adaptation (it’s phenomenal mechanism of our psych about which I will definitely write a few posts in near future) and even in the moments you feel like you are failing to find your clarity, remember, that:

your attempts cannot be a failure as long as you keep making them.

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My appreciations to each and every of you. 

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Tom K.

Tom K. May 25, 2020

Phenomenal post! Very inspiring!


Franka May 25, 2020

@Tom K. thank you ^_^

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