by Dec 31, 2019
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Battlefield... Poetry

Battlefield... Poetry

It’s like a battlefield,
I don’t want any of you in my room
Searching for place to enjoy
In the pour of the Moon
And then as soon
As the light dims
I don’t want any of you any close
Any of your voices
Any of your words
Born in a plain, ugly need
To rejoice.
It’s like a battlefield
I don’t want to stand among crowds
Stiffened air and empty lungs
Reaching hands in attempt to scratch skies
Or maybe, I am sick of the fact
That among all of these smiling faces
I am the one who is not living a life. 

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4 сomments

Elena Jan 9, 2020

Очень крутой сайт!


Franka Jan 10, 2020

@Elena, спасибо! ^_^

Sohel Sargur

Sohel Sargur Apr 2, 2020

SOO GOOD. Nice work


Franka Apr 2, 2020

@Sohel Sargur, thank you, glad you liked it!

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